*GMC-OPL3: OPL3 Module [#ded998c4]
A module mounted with an OPL3 (YMF262-M) sound chip.~
OPL3 is a FM sound chip that can handle up to 18 channels (2 operators each).~
It's also able to pair two channels together to create a 4 operator voice.



**Features [#xb64fd54]

- ''Authentic YAMAHA YMF262-M'', the FM LSI employed by Sound Blaster 16 and its compatibles.

- ''Compatibility with OPL and OPL2''. The module can play song data for those earlier YAMAHA FM chips. ((CSM speech synthesis mode is not supported))

- ''Variable clock rate'' that, as with GMC-OPNA and GMC-OPM, can be set to anything within the module's operating frequency. It enables the module to emulate arcade game sound systems, where clock rate might vary according to games.

- ''High clarity of sounds'' attained through abundant use of high quality components.

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