How to update the G.I.M.I.C firmware

Here are the steps you should follow to update the G.I.M.I.C firmware.
We do not assume any responsibility for any trouble or damage incurred during the process of firmware update. Follow the instruction carefully, and execute it at your own risk.

Downloading the firmware

First, download the firmware updater from the link below:

Next, download the latest version of the firmware from the link below*1:

There may be a newer firmware downloadable from our Japanese site.
You can follow this link if you wish to try the latest version, but only at your own risk!

Installing CP210x USB to UART Bridge VCP Drivers

Before connecting G.I.M.I.C to your PC for update procedure, you need to have Silicon Labs CP210x USB to UART Bridge VCP Drivers.
Download it here and install it, following the instruction given by the installer.
The drivers support Windows7/8/8.1/10. 32/64-bit versions are also available.


Setting G.I.M.I.C to update mode

1. For the GMC-MB2PRO motherboard, do not use the AC adapter when updating the firmware. Make sure the AC adapter is disconnected.

2. Using a USB cable, connect G.I.M.I.C to the PC while holding down the G.I.M.I.C's Power Switch. This will set G.I.M.I.C to update mode. You can release the Power Switch after the cable is connected.

(While G.I.M.I.C is in update mode, Power/Status LED does not light up, even when the Power Switch is pressed. In case your G.I.M.I.C won't be recognized by the Device Manager, try pressing the Power Switch and see whether the LED will light up. If it does, you are most likely using a "charge-only" USB cable. Use a cable that transfers data.)

3. Open the Device Manager. You should now see Silicon Labs CP210x USB to UART Bridge (COM?) under Port (COM & LPT). Actual screen has a port number instead of a "?" after "COM", like the screenshot below.


(Device manager can't recognize G.I.M.I.C if it is connected with a charge-only USB cable.)

Updating the firmware

1. Extract downloaded in the first step (the actual file name has a date in place of YYMMDD).


2. Extract the firmware .zip archive too. The firmware files have the extension of .hex.
You should find two of those included in the extracted folder. You can dismiss the one with the name beginning in "MB1_" unless you are using the older, first generation motherboards (in which case it's the other way round: you must keep the "MB1_YYYYMMDD.hex", while you can dispose of "MB2_MB2LT_YYYYMMDD.hex").
(The screen shots hereon takes the USB-controlled firmware ver. 2013/09/20 as an example.)


3. Move the hex file to the same directory as GimicUpdater.exe is in.


4. Run GimicUpdater.exe to open its main window, shown below. Make sure that your G.I.M.I.C is connected to the PC, then click "Auto Detect".


5. When the confirmation dialog appears, click "Yes". COM ports from 1-20 will be searched to locate the G.I.M.I.C.


6. The updater will alert you when the G.I.M.I.C is found. Click "OK".


If the message below appears to alert that G.I.M.I.C couldn't be located, double-check that G.I.M.I.C is connected with a proper USB cable (not charge-only) and set to firmware update mode, then try again.


7. Now the listbox on the left side of the Auto Detect button should show the COM port number where the G.I.M.I.C has been found. Click "Begin Update".

Should the Auto Detect doesn't work properly, open the Device Manager to see which port the G.I.M.I.C is connected to, then select that port manually from the listbox.


8. Click "Yes".


9. A file-open dialog will be shown to select the firmware file. Select the .hex file you have put in your GimicUpdater folder in an earlier step of this instruction, and click "Open".


10. Double-check that you are selecting the firmware you want to install, then click "Yes".


11. MS-DOS prompt window will be opened, and the update will begin automatically. Be careful not to close window by clicking the button on the upper-right corner.


12. When the screen shows the message "Passed." at the end of the line that says "Writing…", it indicates that the firmware update has been successfully done. Hit any key to close the screen.


If the screen says "¥¥.¥COM? could not be opend.", it means either that the Auto Detect did not work properly, or the port number you have set manually is incorrect.
Re-check your connection and try again.


13. Now you can disconnect your G.I.M.I.C from the PC.

14. That's all, and now you should have the latest firmware installed. Congratulations!

*1 There used to be two "flavors" of the firmware, namely the Standalone FW and the USB FW, but they have been unified in the current version.

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