G.I.M.I.C GMC-NE02GP: Aluminium case for G.I.M.I.C Motherboard 2

Aluminium case to protect G.I.M.I.C motherboard (GMC-MB2PRO/STD/LT).



  • Specially designed for use with G.I.M.I.C, basing on Abee cubic NE02. Hairline-finish further enriches the aluminium texture.
  • Color variations: Silver (GMC-NE02GP-SH) and Black (GMC-NE02GP-BKH).
  • Two rear I/O panels and a DC connector included: the rear panels are designed for GMC-MB2PRO and GMC-MB2STD/LT respectively. These make for extra convenience and a better shield, enabling the motherboard to operate in its full potential.

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