UI enhancement unit for G.I.M.I.C Motherboard 2

Adds an LCD display and a set of control buttons to G.I.M.I.C Motherboard 2 (GMC-MB2STD/PRO/LT). Gives better operability when using GIMIC in the Standalone Mode.



  • Full control over GIMIC in the Standalone Mode
    The LCD and the buttons provide full access to GIMIC's filer/status screen without terminal connection from PC, making the Standalone mode truly self-contained.
    This feature is equally available to all three editions of Motherboard 2, including Lite (GMC-MB2LT).
  • Toggle between Filer and Indicator screen
    You can toggle between the filer screen and track indicator using the control buttons.
  • Exclusively designed acrylic covers (not included)
    GMC-OPT03-PNL / GMC-OPT03-BOX are easy-to-assemble kits for adapting your acrylic covers / box for GMC-OPT03.

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